Shopping ban – 2


Oh holy hell, did I fall off the wagon.

I was barely even on the flipping wagon, it’s been 3 weeks!

See, I went to IKEA yesterday… this, in hindsight was a mistake but I was bored and needed to pick up a potty and baby bedding (we’re about to transition her from sleeping bag to duvet & pillow) and somehow I also picked her up a little peg & hammer toy. I love ikea toys, they’re usually wooden simple things in the same colour palette and I’d rather she only had the small ikea selection of toys than her current heap of toys to be honest. And then I picked up a brass plant pot, fake fern and 2 new pillowcases for throw cushions I was about to chuck.

£70 down in total.

Was that the end? Oh no, I WENT BACK TO IKEA TODAY!

I bought my sister 4 photo frames (and lunch) in exchange for a ‘free’ manicure this weekend (she’s a beauty therapist) and then I bought a plant, plant pot, brass candle lantern, 2 leaf print storage boxes and 2 black picture frames (£60).

And then I came home and ordered a baby gate (£26) and 3 prints online (£42).

And a throw for the bed (our old one has been ripped for years) which suited the new cushion covers (£40)

£238 in TWO DAYS!


In fairness, the baby bedding, potty and stair gate, were all needed.

The prints (and frames) have been on the cards since we started the living room redecorations. Everything else was impulsive.

I think they’ve been good buys although they weren’t planned. The cushion covers in particular as they were spur of the moment and have worked out perfectly in our room (will have to do an updated house tour at some point).

The art work was always intended, the plants weren’t really, that corner of the room just took on a life of its own. The other bits and pieces were pretty much all rounding out the decorating so if I were to give any advice it would be DO NOT START A SHOPPING BAN MID HOUSE OVERHAUL. It’s doomed to fail.

I think we’re done on the house front now as far as purchases (I still need to have a set of  curtains hemmed) so the next 5 months I should actually stick to the ban.


In search of balance

Not being ‘allowed’ to shop has forced me to look for other ways to spend my time and how I currently spend it.

Basically I work, I look after the baby, I do baby activities and I sit on the couch watching Netflix complaining about how tired I am. That’s not exactly a balanced life.

So, I need to find a hobby. I’m going to the gym a lot more now, because I need to sort my health/fitness out, so it’s not a hobby, it’s an obligation that I’m finally taking seriously. I want something thats just for fun, enjoyable in its own right. Exercise might become that, but it isn’t yet.

My Dad is doing a charity rally from Edinburgh to Rome in a £500 car to raise money for epilepsy Scotland (link here) and he’s been working on getting his cheap Mercedes road worthy for almost a year now. I’ve never been into cars, I want one that runs and is comfortable. That’s it, not bothered about anything above the practicalities, but I’ve always loved old VW bugs. I’ve been put off by the maintenance because I don’t know how to do it and a car without power steering, air con and all the rest just wouldn’t do as my only vehicle. I now have a company car, all maintenance and repairs are taken care of by my employer so I’ve been thinking I could possibly have the extravagance of a second car and the luxury of time to spend getting it roadworthy without pressure.

I could use the car to learn, rather than having to learn in order to get the car. I’ve found a few under £1k, one in particular that I like the look of because it’s not roadworthy, no battery or anything! It needs a trailer to pick it up. So I’m thinking about increasing my savings and my eBaying the next year or so to save up and also finally gutting the garage to make space in it to fit a Bug.

When I was 9 my parents bought our first house and my dad finally had a garage instead of the kitchen table to rebuild his engines in. For some reason, he instead bought a tiny, half rotted boat called The Enterprise. This boat never saw water. It sat in the garage for years and eventually disappeared. This Bug project might turn out to be my boat!

Shopping Ban – 1

Not fantastic to be honest…

Bit odd, find myself checking the new in sections of websites like some mad crack addict sniffing household glue just to get close to what they really want.

I have had some new things delivered which were on back order prior to shopping ban –

1.) Olive Orla Kiely curtains for the living room which had a 4 week wait.

2.) Navy Toms, because I wore through my last slip ons and I lived in them. As in wore them 26 out of the last 30 days. These were also back ordered and purchased before ban.

3.) Bowie-esque print from Habitat for the living room. I was on a waitlist for this coming back in stock, bought as soon as they e-mailed (also pre ban) and now I’m a bit unsure about it. I’m trying to pick art for the living room and this plus the TFL print may be too much. I have a Pinterest for them here.

and some stuff which wasn’t back ordered:

4.) A Haynes manual for 1954-77 VW Beetle. I didn’t even register that I’d bought something until a few hours later, it didn’t click I’d shopped. Because it was on eBay with PayPal money.

5.) Literally hundreds of ££’s worth of stuff for my Dad. He’s away right now doing a thing called Rust 2 Rome, basically 37 £500 cars are driving from Edinburgh to Rome and he’s raising money for Epilepsy Scotland (my Mum was epileptic and died during a seizure 18 months ago). While he’s away, my sister and I are ticking some things off his to-do list, like redecorating his bathroom and sprucing up his bedroom as a surprise. I’ve spent £150 on curtains, bedding and a bathroom mirror, £30 on paint and hardware, £35 on misc organisers and towel holders and I need to buy another tin of paint tomorrow. Does that even count as shopping if it’s a gift?

6.) A book to give to a friend of my. Hollie McNish – Nobody Told Me. I’ve never been an avid poetry reader but her poetry diary covering pregnancy and the first few years raising a human is brilliant (there’s a short poem about refugee babies which brought me to proper ugly sobbing). My friend is due her first baby in October and I thought she’d enjoy the book.

7.) Navy ballet flats to replace slightly too small shoes I’ve listed on eBay as mentioned in my last post.

That’s it so far.

If anyone would like to donate to my Dad’s fundraiser his just giving page is here.

Thank you so much 🙂

Project 333

I’ve tried this before and never lasted too long but this time I’ve made it almost 2 months!

On the 14th may I started tracking what I was wearing on my Stylebook app and I’ve never missed a day so far. I did do it slightly differently though, I moved all my clothes on the app to one folder and once I’d worn them, then I put them back into their correct folder so rather than picking 33 items up front, I’m just seeing which 33 I really use.

My wardrobe breakdown

22 items of clothing, 9 accessories (shoes, bags, jewellery), 32 unworn items. The ‘other’ category has things which don’t count like my glasses, purse, travel luggage… that sort of thing.

Here’s almost everything I’ve worn the last 2 months



It’s only almost everything because a pair of sandals disintegrated so were returned as faulty, a pair of trainers wore out and needed replaced and another pair of shoes were nipping a little so have been bumped to eBay.

I also haven’t been in the office for months now so no ‘work’ clothes have been worn.

My wardrobes pretty basic, I tend to stick to a navy/red/yellow colour palette and that works for me. I basically live in girlfriend jeans, striped tops and converse.

My wardrobe still needs some tweaking as clearly some items aren’t being worn but also there are things I have worn that I’m not too keen on, they were just ‘there’.

I need to get better photos of some things, usually I just save from the website which is why some have model shots!

1 month left!

Discardia – 11

Very quickly –

I’ve sold this tv bench on gumtree for £50 as we’d finally splurged on a replacement.the one we sold was originally bought on gumtree 4 years ago when we moved for cheapness and it’s done us well but having gotten rid of our DVD player and Sky it didn’t suit our needs anymore. We’ve got a better storage configuration now.


19 items on eBay. Mainly baby clothes as she’s just gone up a size! Have double that still to go… 

approx £90 (less eBay/PayPal fees etc)

Total ‘earned’ £140

4 days in

That’s all. 4 days! I almost bought a planter yesterday to replace our ugly metal one. I don’t need it, I want it (although the metal one is really ugly). 

Then this morning I’m on the Boden website looking at baby clothes as they have a 60% + 10% sale on and I adore baby Boden. She has a full wardrobe, doesn’t need anything but I’m still itching to buy because of the discount. 

I didn’t expect to find it so difficult not to shop to be honest!

I’m reminding myself that a break from in coming ‘things’ should help with getting things out and that means this year I might actually attain the minimalist house to which I’ve always aspired, but I still find myself opening shopping sites when I’m bored or restless. What else is the internet for? I’m actually asking, I can’t remember!

I’m going to start keeping a little note of all the things I’ve done with the time I would have been shopping (things I’ve done to distract myself from shopping is more accurate)

  • Finished off Caitlin Moran’s ‘Moranifesto’ started last year.
  • Finished off ‘Hot Milk’ and returned it to the library
  • Watched The Keepers on Netflix 
  • Did ALL the ironing. Every last bit.

And that’s just in 4 days!

Shopping ban

Now that my exam is over and the building work on the house is finished, I feel like I have a bit of calm ahead and have decided to try a shopping ban until the end of the year.

There are some necessary exceptions to this and I’m using the principles behind Stuffocation as guidance

The exceptions are:

Consumables – food, drink, toilet roll… but we’re streamlining our grocery shopping too

Experiential purchases – tickets, holidays, the odd dinner out. Non material goods

Tabitha stuff – I don’t think we need much, she’s set for toys and we have a drawer full of clothes in the next size up. Off the top of my head I imagine we’ll need shoes, socks, underwear and pyjamas in the next 6 months.

Clothes – aha! This sounds like cheating, doesn’t it? I’m trying to improve my health and fitness, and losing the excess weight I’m lugging around which means replacing some of my existing wardrobe with smaller replacements. I’m bigger on top so I think around 80% of my tops/jumpers/coats will be ok unless I drop below a UK14. There are a few jumpers that are baggy already so will probably be first in the eBay pile. I have narrow hips so jeans and trousers will need replaced quickly once I sort out my waist (I still look pregnant because my abdominal muscles are shot). Decent bras are essential (I’m a 36HH) and if you’re losing weight you should get resized every 6 weeks so I’m looking at maybe 4-6 new bras in the next 6 months. I’m not going to replace things just because I *could* now get the smaller size, I’m going to replace them when they get so baggy it’s obvious they’re the wrong size, hopefully this means that (with the exception of jeans/trousers) I can skip a few sizes down at once. It will be strictly replacements only, no ‘new’ items. One in, one out. If my current navy trousers get too big, I buy smaller navy trousers, not a dress.

If there are any physical goods or clothes that aren’t replacements which I think I ‘need’ then I’ll write them down. If I still ‘need’ them by the end of the year I’ll put them on my Christmas list!