I really like the idea of minimalism. It seems very zen, very ‘got my shit together’.

I’ve been obsessed with minimalism in some form or other since well before I’d even heard the word minimalism, and where has this life long daydream gotten me?

Well, I’m in a job that I don’t love but it pays really well, I need it to pay really well because I have a mortgage to pay. A mortgage on a 4 bedroom house for a family of 3. A 4 bedroom house that is bursting at the seams from too much stuff. Stuff bought with my very good wages and oh yeah the £35k in debt we have in spite of the very good wages that we racked up buying more stuff for the 4 bedroom house with only 3 people in it.

It’s utter madness tbh. So, in the time honoured tradition of ‘life altering events must = some sort of life overhaul’ I have started a blog to document my utter failure to become minimalist. To ponder upon the very meaning of the word ‘minimalism’. To try project 333, to KonMari, to declutter, to become… ‘more with less’.

I shall fess up to shopping, discuss my finances in woeful detail, take pictures on my clutter and generally pour my ever running to do list out upon these digital pages.

Hello, I’m Michelle.


1 thought on “Hi”

  1. This made me smile. I’ve been ascribing to minimalism for a few years but looking around my house, I don’t think you would know it because I started with So. Much. Stuff. There is kind of a perfectionist aspect to minimalism, is there not? But I think the important thing is just for each of us to make the process our own. Looking forward to reading more about your journey.


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