30 minutes declutter

I’m not at the konmari stage yet because I have so much stuff piled up that I already know I don’t need/want that I really need to get rid of that first before getting right down to the serious stuff shedding.

I did go into our junk room (the room I place all non rubbish from previous declutters with intent to sell on eBay or gumtree) and do a very quick blitz ahead of Tabitha’s first birthday party tomorrow. 



The blue Ikea bag holds things friends have said they would like to take off our hands, the white basket is things that are rubbish or belong elsewhere in the house and the little pile on the right is things that I’m taking to the charity shop tomorrow. 

The things that are left are things I’m going to offer to friends first via Facebook, things I’m selling on vestiaire collective or things I’m not ready to part with yet so need to come back to when I have more time.

At least I have access to the sofa again!


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