Simplifying the non-stuff stuff

A lot of the time minimalism focusses on ‘stuff’, actual physical things. Declutter your wardrobe, Konmari your komono… but I think, for me anyway, one of the main goals is to have a simpler life. Less time cleaning, less time fighting with your clothes to get dressed in the morning, less time wondering where in the actual fuck have I left my car keys this time?

So while my own ‘stuff’ is still in the excess pile, I thought I’d try letting something else go for while.

I’m working part time, studying part time, have a 1 year old and I really need to get fitter and lose quite a bit of weight. I can’t do it all while also seeing friends and family and actually having some chill time, it’s too much.

I can’t reduce any baby commitments, she, quite rightly, comes first. Work is already dramatically reduced. I used to do 70 hour weeks, I’ve now dropped to 21 hours. Which leaves Uni or fitness.

5 years ago I injured myself (exercising, oh the irony…) and in the 3 months that followed I piled on almost 4 stone because I stopped exercising completely and didn’t adjust my eating habits to compensate, plus all my muscle which I’d been working on turned to fat…

I’m currently in a size 18/20 (UK) and I’m not happy with that. I’m all out of proportion, unfit and I just don’t ‘look’ like myself. You know how body dysmorphia usually relates to a perfectly healthy person looking in the mirror and seeing themselves as bigger than they are? I have the opposite of that. I still picture myself as a size 12/14 and it’s jarring every time I see myself in pictures or catch myself in the mirror That’s not what I really look like! Is it?

I’d like to get some of ‘me’ back and I really, more than anything, have to get fitter. I’d like another child at some point and it took 2 years to conceive Tabi, we’d actually decided to adopt and had started the social worker meetings when I fell pregnant, and one of the possible reasons the Doctor suggested was my weight. Fat contains oestrogen which can muck up the hormone balance required in order to conceive and to progress with a pregnancy, thats not fat shaming or anything, thats biology pure and simple.

Anyway, fitness, obviously incredibly important and it is a priority, HOWEVER, I’m almost half way through my degree, I finish this module in June and then I have 4 months until my next module begins. So I’ve decided to drop any intention of going to the gym, sticking to a diet, completing 30 day shred… I’m not thinking about it. Not at all. I’m just getting through this module and then in the 4 month break, I’ll spend the uni time on exercise instead.

It’s good to let go of goals once in a while. Even if you’re only letting go temporarily. Now instead of thinking I should really be at the gym and all the guilt that goes with that, I have more flexibility and less stress/guilt!

Yay to ditching the non-stuff stuff.


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