January shopping round up

Bad minimalist!!!

Not sure how but I managed to spend quite a bit this month despite not being paid since September…

Clothes – £456.68

2 pairs of Richmond 7/8 trousers. Black & navy. Needed work clothes! £58.50 and £52

Christmas jumper £39.75

Grey jumper £45

Black & white Breton £15.90 – All Boden

Black dungarees £34.99

Baby slippers £7.99 – both H&M

Unicorn pyjamas £24

Green leopard print midi dress £26.50 – both ASOS

Mama gang t shirt £22 – Mere Soeur

Underwear £130.05 – Bravissimo

Books – £10.49

How to grow a baby £10.49

Other – £236.89

Runner from habitat £50

6 month Sisley sample subscription £35

Personalised cake topper and birthday banner NOTHS £65.50

Party supplies £66.89

Mascara £19.50


HOW? I don’t even understand how I managed to find £700! Jesus Christ.

Lets just see what I actually needed then…


Work trousers. To be fair I did need work clothes as I don’t have any but the black trousers would have done. I only bought the navy because the black were back ordered and I figured I’d need a second pair eventually anyhow…

Christmas jumper was in the sale, grey jumper was another for work. Don’t have many work appropriate tops and none of them went with the navy trousers. The black & white breton is a sale purchase replacement for my existing black & white breton which snuck into the tumble dryer and shrunk in the sleeves.

I know no one needs black dungarees but I can’t really bring myself to regret buying them. I love them! The baby slippers are the only shoes she owns as she’s not walking so it’s soft shoes only for now. It’s too cold for just socks.


Erm… ever tried to justify unicorn pyjamas? No? I love them. The green leopard print midi dress was a sale draw too. It had been on my wishlist for ages, sold out in my size then popped back in stock on sale so I grabbed it. No where to wear it but its time shall come.


Mama gang t-shirt is made by someone I follow on instagram, I’m trying to support small businesses more and I liked the t shirt.

Underwear was required, none of my bras fit as I’ve gone from a 38GG to a 36HH since being pregnant so bought 3 new ones. Didn’t need to buy the matching pants though.. or the bright yellow lace set. Oh well.


This is a book by someone I follow on instagram. I found her blog while pregnant (she’s a midwife and collects birth stories) and it was basically my entire pregnancy guide. I don’t plan on another baby just yet but she’s lovely so I bought her book.


Oy. I didn’t need a new runner, I just found the one we had boring (Ikea stop gap purchase years ago). The sisley subscription? Don’t need that either. The cake topper and party supplies were for Tabi’s first birthday.


The cake topper is amazing and can be reused every year. The party supplies were lovely but I found a box in the garage that was full of supplies we could have used, still in cellophane so that was a waste of money. The mascara was bought the same day the rubber seal on my old one failed! Was completely unusable after that!

Feel a bit shit seeing how much I’ve spent. It’s so easy to do in a trickle. I’d never have blown £700 in one go. Not really sure how to stop myself doing the same next month either.

Anyone else done a spending review and nearly died?


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