Discardia – week 2

So. much. stuff I intended to count but to be honest it was slowing me down! 81 books and DVDS to music magpie (£70!) although they don't get collected until Thursday so they are still in the house ~25 Items sold on eBay, mix of my clothes and baby clothes - £114 One box of… Continue reading Discardia – week 2


Minimalist Book Club – Stuffocation

I loved this book. It's more academically written than most minimalism books. I've found the majority are written around thoughts, feeling and anecdotes, this is fully referenced and researched, relying on both anecdotal evidence and scientific studies. Being a pretty die hard sceptic by nature, references to experiments and sociological studies makes me happy. It… Continue reading Minimalist Book Club – Stuffocation

Minimalist book club – L’art de la simplicite

I'm a bit unsure how to review this book. It has some good quotes, which really get to the core of minimalism (They'd be great stuck on affirmation cards) but the book as a whole... it reads like a list where someone has removed the bullet points. Or a selection of fortune cookie sayings like… Continue reading Minimalist book club – L’art de la simplicite