Bathroom cabinet clear out

Somehow, I’ve managed to completely ignore the PAO symbol on all my makeup and toiletries

I spent a bit of time at the weekend going through my bathroom cabinet and make up bag and well, here’s all the stuff I have to throw out

I’m not going to price up the wastage, that would make me cry. I now have no eyeshadow, no foundation (to be fair I didn’t use it anyway) and a very tidy bathroom cabinet!

I’ve decided to look on the bright side and run with the products I have left as long as I can. I’m not going to replace my eyeshadow or foundation. Not going to buy a new body scrub or bath oil.

So here’s my toiletries now:img_2676

And organised into containers:


The box holds my everyday stuff, dry shampoo, mythic oil, face & body moisturisers, eye cream, deodorant, cleansers and 2 night creams (one is a weekly treatment) and the rest is neatly organised. Now that I’ve cleaned it out I think I’ll reduce even further because there are some things I don’t intend to replace when they run out.
My make up:


BB cream, under eye concealer and mascara is everyday. The powder used to be everyday but my skin is so dry right now I haven’t needed it. There are 2 NARS blushers there, one open and one sample size I’m keeping for when the big one runs out.

Everything else is infrequent use. The lipsticks especially but I wouldn’t be without them. Much prefer lipstick to eyeshadow!


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