Little things…

I thought I’d be able to tick something off my list this week but instead I’ve just done a load of little half jobs.

Laundry – half done

Scan/shred paperwork – half done

List things on eBay – not even started

Catch up with uni – hahahaha….

So that I have actually done something this week (besides take my 1 year old for an MRI) I decided to clean up my Pinterest. I deleted my wish list boards and rearranged what was left after thinking about what I wanted to get from Pinterest. I’m using it as a scrapbook now instead of a shopping list. I’ve grabbed some recipes to try on a cook board, a few interiors pictures I like because my own house isn’t quite done yet and a wardrobe board to help me when I finally do the dreaded wardrobe cull.

I started with over 1000 pins, I don’t know how many boards. I’m now under 400 pins across 8 boards and its had the same affect as ripping up a to do list!


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