Taking stock – Kitchen

For some reason I find it easier to ‘assess’ my home via a picture so I’ve taken pictures of all the rooms in my house as they are (meaning, I didn’t tidy them up beforehand)






Fun fact: There are 4 cats in these 3 pictures, can you spot them? šŸ˜€

Looking at these pictures, the kitchen isn’t that bad. There’s a too much clutter on the worktop but Tabi is almost weaned now (just the bedtime bottle to go) so the 2 tommee tippee appliances won’t be around much longer. I think the red toaster stands out too much and I’ve fancied a dualit one for ages so might splurge later this year. Theres the obvious extra dishes piled up on top of the cabinets. They aren’t used often but are too useful to be ditched.

I think the main issue in the kitchen is the state of the cabinets, they’re a bit overstuffed and disorganised.

Rubbish and stuff for the garage tends to pile up at the end of the sink (like the packaging form the sneaky McDonalds I picked up on my way home from the post office at lunch!) or at the patio door so the best thing we could do in here is tackle the waste bin situation. There isn’t room for a freestanding bin so I think we need to look at an in cabinet option. We’ve been putting it off because we intended to replace the kitchen after a few years (it’s now been 4 years) so it seemed a waste to keep replacing individual cabinets piecemeal but I can’t see us affording a new kitchen in the next 2-3 years so might be time to get on with it!


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