Taking stock -Bathrooms

I’m lumping all the bathrooms together for this one because they all have the same storage needs/failures

Family bathroom


Basically, we need a vanity in here. It’s the bathroom we use for the baby so there’s a lot of toys and we use that purple box for medicine storage (which we really need to change before she’s able to open it). A vanity would make a huge difference.

Jack & Jill en suite


This is also the baby’s bathroom.. it’s attached to her room and we brush her teeth in here. When she’s old enough to shower this will be her bathroom. Shared, I expect, with a sibling at some point.The towels look a bit messy but I don’t care enough to change them!

Our en suitefullsizeoutput_1772

This room isn’t bad. If I was wishing for stuff I’d say I’d like the fitted option (with the toilet, sink etc all in units that go wall to wall) because it provides a little extra storage and less visual clutter but it’s ok.


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