Project 333!!

Yep, I’m going to attempt this.

I expect that it should be fairly easy as I don’t own much more than this anyway, my main issue will be with changing seasons (it’s snowing right now but in 3 months I won’t even need a jacket) so I’m going to follow on the assumption that I will swap out some things.

Here’s my plan:


I think that the boots, duffel coat and most of the jumpers will be swapped out as I’m intending to do this from 1st March to 1st June. I’m going to track my outfits on stylebook so I can see if there are things which aren’t being worn.

There are 34 items pictured because I’ve included my wedding ring to remind me to get it resized! My hands puffed up while I was pregnant and everything else is back to normal except my fingers! It’s been a year so I’m going to give in and get it altered when I get paid.


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