DVD clear out

This is the second DVD clear out in as many years and it was so much easier this time round!

Basically we have a PS3 which we got free with a new mobile phone almost 10 years ago and it’s on its last legs so instead of buying a new DVD player (all it’s used for) we decided to see if we needed one at all.

We usually just watch Netflix and we have a handful of favourites purchased via iTunes so I pulled out all the DVDs:

And then looked them up on iTunes. The first clear out had gotten rid of the DVDs we weren’t fussed about so this time we were starting with films and TV shows we knew we’d want to watch again.

I added all that were available to my iTunes wish list (I’ll only buy as/if we want to watch them) and put the few which weren’t available back into a box.

I started with 3 shelves of DVDs, I’m down to one shelf now.

The box on the left might be going later, these are DVDs that I consider my husbands so he can choose if they stay or go, the right are DVDs not on iTunes plus my numbered Harry Potter box set.

We’re using the space gained in the bookcase to experiment with my daughters toy hoard. If she’s happy with these toys and these toys only for one month, the rest get donated!

A room full of fancy expensive electric toys and the ones she spends most time on have turned out to be the cheaper wooden ones from Ikea!


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