Lost the plot

Missed my usual Project 333 and discardia posts this week! I've been really busy and we're planning some work to the house that's taken up all our time. We've decided that instead of editing our rooms in their current form, we're going to change the layout of the house. That means bringing down the wall… Continue reading Lost the plot


Being Minimalist vs Looking Minimalist

I follow The Minimalists on Facebook and last week they had posted a link to a minimalist apartment tour. One of the comments on their post was along the lines of 'why are they always white boxes? Aren't there any minimalist homes that are colourful?'. I think homes/rooms can look minimal, but actually be full of… Continue reading Being Minimalist vs Looking Minimalist

Kon Mari – Clothes

I was going to write a review about The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up, which I read ages ago, and then I realised there was no point writing about it if I didn't actually try it out. So this afternoon, I rounded up all of the clothes in the house belonging to me and… Continue reading Kon Mari – Clothes