Post Partum Identity Crisis

If this goes off on a tangent, I apologise.

Since having my daughter last January, I feel like I’ve lost myself a bit. I didn’t notice as much on maternity leave because mat leave is a bit of a bubble. I wasn’t living my ‘real’ life so I wasn’t aware of how much I was floundering. I went back to work this January and I’m really struggling trying to mesh this new home life with my old work life.

I could go round and round with all the different ways I’m currently in a fog but for brevity, I’ll just discuss the impact on my appearance.

I’ve never been particularly high maintenance. I would go to work or the shops without makeup (because I’m lazy and have decent skin anyway) but I’d always have my hair done. By the way, when I say ‘done’ I mean clean, dried and down. Usually I’ve run the straighteners over it, thats the extent of my hair skills, I can’t even do plaits! The last few months I’ve been getting more and more… rough looking is the only way I can put it. 3 day old dirty hair, shoved up in a bun with the tufty regrowth sticking out all over so I look vaguely mad scientist-esque. I’ve had the same PJ’s on for 3 days now because I didn’t want to bother getting dressed. I wore them to a KFC drive through yesterday because I couldn’t face seeing anyone but needed to eat. I feel overweight, unfit, lethargic and frumpy.

My wardrobe is having a bit of a moment too. I keep buying these (nice, but still) mum clothes. Boden, stripes, skinny jeans, flat shoes, blazers. A sea of red, white and navy. And then something that ‘old’ me would have liked catches my eye and just for a second I realign and I remember how I used to dress. I’m a black leather jacket & studded ankle boots kinda girl. I had my lip pierced for 10 years. I have 9 tattoos. I like clothes that wouldn’t look out of place in a post apocalyptic disaster movie. I don’t like ‘pretty’.

I think the easiest way to demonstrate this is the 2 wardrobe boards I have on pinterest. One for my current wardrobe/look


and another for when I get glimpses of my ‘real’ clothing preferences.


They don’t look like they’ve been created by the same person. I feel like they’re for 2 different characters, the middle class Mummy who shops at Boden, holidays in Cornwall and who’s home looks like the Next catalogue, and the second is someone who holidays in Stockholm at an Air B&B, uses Pinterest for home inspiration and doesn’t dress like a Mum.

It would be so easy to brush this whole wardrobe schizophrenia off as superficial but whether you like it or not, appearance has a huge impact on your own mental health and the way others perceive and react to you (I don’t think I need to repeat the old unqualified suit vs qualified hoodie job interview example) and the simple everyday act of putting on a costume that feels like it’s meant for someone else is doing funny things to my head.

I used to say to my mum that mums get stuck in the decade they have their kids in (my Mum was in high top reeboks and a perm well after the 80’s had passed) and I don’t want to do that. I don’t want to let little bits of myself go so that I’m defined entirely by the ‘mum’ label. I think it does a disservice to kids only knowing you as a parent, not as a person. I had 31 years with my Mum and I’m not sure I ever knew her at all. She became who my sister and I needed her to be and that’s as much of her as I’ll ever know because it took becoming a mother myself to realise how profound the change is and that was too late.

I think thats the big draw with minimalism. Not having less stuff, but knowing yourself well enough to not hide behind excess stuff.


4 thoughts on “Post Partum Identity Crisis”

  1. I’ll start by being honest – I haven’t had kids so can’t possibly know what you are feeling right now so my first piece of advice is to share this with people who might know, either in person or some sort of forum. We live in a world where it is so much easier to make contact with others who have similar experiences even if we live miles away and it is unlikely that you are the first nor the last new mum to feel this way.
    Next advice? Being purely objective – find your favourite outfit from your non-mum days and wear it. It seems that you aren’t really comfortable in the nice-but-mum-clothes anyway – because you’re wearing PJ’s – so you might as well feel uncomfortable in the “old” clothes. Even if it is just around the house.
    And what’s wrong with skinny jeans? I love pairing them with my boots and black leather jacket!


    1. Hi, thank you for your advice, I do love the internet!
      When I was pregnant I dropped a dress size, I was in size 18 maternity clothes at 12 weeks and size 16 full term so I sold ALL my old clothes thinking I would need new ones anyway, and then I put on a stone about 2 months after I had her because I was forgetting to eat and then eating everything in sight! I’ve ditched the mum clothes Pinterest board and put myself on a shopping ban until I sort my weight out (after my exams) and then I think as I replace the too big clothes I’ll go more in the direction of my other Pinterest board!

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  2. I think thats the big draw with minimalism. Not having less stuff, but knowing yourself well enough to not hide behind excess stuff.

    This may be the best two sentences ever written.

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