Baby Steps

I had a stinking cold yesterday and every time the lemsip kicked in I had a sudden rush of motivation (which knocked me back on my ass after about 10 minutes every time) so I managed to get a few things tidied up, set aside for donation (I’ll show you tomorrow) and for some reason, I tackled the junk drawer(s).

The console under our stairs is a bit of a dumping ground, keys, phones, mail. Shoes get kicked off under it. And sometime stuff makes it’s way into the drawers.


This drawer has always been the candle drawer but a few extras had crept in. I consolidated the boxes as most were half empty, then refilled the few candle holders I have left in the house so they can be used.


This is the proper junk drawer. It will always be the junk drawer, that’s its purpose. I think houses need one. There are always bits and pieces that don’t belong anywhere else but are still needed. I moved the picture hooks, tape measure and few bits of rubbish out.

This drawer still has the blu tack, label maker, cheque books (when was the last time anyone used a chequebook?) spare car keys, stamps, my glasses cases (and at least one pair of glasses, the other pair being on my face), extra socket covers and the true essentials – a tube of interconnecting glow sticks!

The glow sticks are for something we’ve got tickets to in April, there’s a company called Big Fish Little Fish and they run baby raves! Dance music, strobe lights, a bar… but at 2pm on a Sunday afternoon with all the ‘clubbers’ either dancing with toddlers or dancing with babies strapped to them!


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