Discardia – Week 3

Less stuff went out this week. I didn’t get around to doing the garage clear out because I have an essay due Thursday (which I should be writing instead of this, but hey, ho!)


Finally got around to returning 2 parcels. The Boden one I’ve requested exchanges but I think I’m actually going to return the exchanges too. After my last post I decided I would stop filling the gaps in the Mum wardrobe and instead add things I like so that I’m progressing towards getting back to myself, instead of settling into the middle-class-mummy trope. Of course thats all with the intent to only buy what I need, I’m not going to toss everything and start again, but when things are damaged or no longer fit, instead of replacing like for like, I’ll replace with intent to build a more ‘me’ wardrobe (black ankle boots instead of brown, leather jacket instead of blue blazer, ripped grey skinnies instead of clean blue ones etc).

The Topshop package was the start of that new intention. I went online and bought 2 pairs of shoes just because I like them, not because they ‘went’ with my existing wardrobe. I’ve kept a pair of white ankle boots (that I really like but thought were too fashion-y for me) and returned a pair of red heels because wardrobe redirection or not, I’m still a flat shoes kinda girl!

Here are the shoes, if you’re interested

The box is the start of the toy clear out. Nothing major yet but it’s made a dent, which is good.

The bags are clothes which are stained, faded or just not in good enough condition to be sold so I’ve popped them in a clothing donation bin. Even if the charity can’t use the donations, they recycle the fabric. H&M also operate fabric recycling within their store, drop off old clothes and they give you a gift voucher.

And while writing this post I remembered I had 3 massive cushions I’d taken off our bed because they literally just went on the bed when it was made, then got dumped on the floor every night and we were always tripping over them. Total waste of time.


Then I found a raised wooden serving board we’d used once. And a pile of bras I’d been meaning to send to Smalls for All. And a penguin ornament that I assume was a gift but can’t remember from who…

All now gone, so it’s actually been a decent week for de-junking!


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