February Shopping

Inspired by reading Stuffocation (review here) I’m changing the way I look at my spending by splitting purchases into physical and experiential (including digital purchases and gifts for others)

I’m not going to list baby stuff as I’m pretty good about only buying what she needs (like shoes, which is all I bought her this month)

Physical Purchases – £472.80

Books – £5.00*

L’art de la simplicitie – review here

*I had a £10 Waterstones gift card, plus a full card of stamps giving me £10 off so I bought 2 books and a little box of half price Prestat champagne truffles for about £5 actual cash!

Clothes –  £467.80

Sleep Bra £28

Swimsuit £58 – both Bravissimo

Cashmere crew neck jumper £114.40

Navy cross body bag £79.20

Stripe top £26.40

Skinny jeans £52.80

Stripe jumper £52 – All Boden

Blouse £57 – BOB by DOP

Experiential Purchases – £396.22

Gifts – £22

3 Month Friday night curry club subscription – £22 (valentines gift for Husband)

The life changing magic of not giving a f*ck – (birthday gift for a friend) £0

Other – £374.22

iBook – Stuffocation £6.49

iBook – The no spend year £8.99

Flights, hotel & convention tickets £358.74


Actually worse than last month!


Boden is a bit of a money pit for me… Did I really need to buy 3 striped top/jumpers in one month? Um… no. Probably not, but I’m getting plenty of wear out of them (machine washable cashmere jumpers are the future), stripes are my default, and I did sell 5 striped tops on eBay this month so I haven’t increased my stripey top collection, just swapped out the ill fitting/poor colour choice/damaged ones.

My wardrobe is actually quite small, I’ll do a post with EVERYTHING at some point and my project333 wardrobe is here, but because I removed everything that didn’t fit or was poor quality, didn’t suit, never got worn… I’ve been spending quite a bit now trying to fill the gaps so I have a functioning wardrobe.

There was a point last year where my wardrobe was in such a state that I struggled to get dressed  each morning because, despite living in Scotland my entire life, where temperatures easily swing between -20 and 30+ I didn’t have any jumpers. Or a decent winter coat. I was freezing and all I had was a bunch of Bretons. Then in summer I had the opposite problem, too warm and no t shirts, no shorts, not even a jersey dress to throw on! I’ve decided just to make do until things disintegrate or I need a different size, although I’ll probably have to buy some warm weather clothes in a few months.

I go swimming every week with the baby and needed a swimsuit with better support. The sleep bra is more of a lounge bra tbh. I’m uncomfortable without a bra but who wants underwires on under your slouchy, lazy clothes?


The blouse is lovely and if you look at the print it celebrates marriage equality.

Gifts are fine, Valentines day and a single birthday isn’t an extravagant month.


I’m trying something new with books. I download a sample from iBooks and if I reach the end of the sample and want to keep reading, I’ll buy the book. And can we all ignore the irony of spending £9 on a book about not spending money? Thanks.

Convention spend

I ‘met’ a girl online a few years ago via the pin up girl clothing Facebook page. We’ve chatted through Facebook pretty regularly and we were both pregnant at the same time. She put up a post asking if anyone fancied a Harry Potter convention in Dublin in September and I was in a ‘say-yes-to-anything-my-god-I-need-a-holiday’ kinda mood so after about an hour chatting through the details, I’m going to Dublin! With a stranger I met on the internet! I’m looking forward to meeting her IRL but also a bit nervous, what if we don’t get on? What if I snore and keep her up all night? What if the convention sucks?

Still, you can’t argue it doesn’t fit the experiential mindset!



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