Kon Mari – Clothes

I was going to write a review about The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up, which I read ages ago, and then I realised there was no point writing about it if I didn’t actually try it out.

So this afternoon, I rounded up all of the clothes in the house belonging to me and my husband and dumped them on our bed. The only clothes I didn’t get were the white load in the washing machine (mainly the baby’s clothes), the small wool load in the washing basket and my wellies, which live in the garage.

I’m still not sure what ‘joy’ feels like in this context. I basically just evaluated by whether it fits, if it’s damaged, if I regularly pass over it for something else. I have no idea what my husband’s thought process was, but he very politely sat while I read the sections on joy, tidy order and clothes out loud so he may well have tried to find joy.

I didn’t think I would toss very much and I thought my husband might ditch a bag full. We got rid of quite a bit more…


They’re all going to the clothes donation bins tomorrow but we need to replace some items. My husband for example, realised that he didn’t have a complete suit where he fitted both the jacket and trousers so he needs to buy 2 new suits next month, he’s already bought a few shirts and I think he needs a new tweed blazer but he’s reluctant to part with his current one (even though the back lining is shredded and he can’t use the pockets because they’re ripped through). I might need a pair of shoes, definitely jeans and underwear and some hot weather clothes in the next month or so.

I haven’t folded my socks, I haven’t done the kon mari folding much at all because we only have a wardrobe in our room, no space for drawers. I’ve folded some things but it’s just not practical to fold everything.

We have managed to clear the drawers in our 2nd bedroom so I’m going to list them on gumtree this weekend and then get started on the next section, books!


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