Being Minimalist vs Looking Minimalist

I follow The Minimalists on Facebook and last week they had posted a link to a minimalist apartment tour. One of the comments on their post was along the lines of ‘why are they always white boxes? Aren’t there any minimalist homes that are colourful?’.

I think homes/rooms can look minimal, but actually be full of junk. You know, white walls, grey sofa, white furniture… but all that white furniture is stuffed full. I suppose you could ‘cheat’ minimalism by decorating a certain way so that when you walk into a room you get the same calm, uncluttered feeling. If its just a matter of decor, why declutter at all?

I am making a few changes to my own home that fall in the minimalist aesthetic. The family bathroom is having a fitted mirror installed across the entire top half of the wall above the bath. We’re planning on some white/grey floor tiles in the same bathroom and I already prefer white paint in most rooms.

The thing with the aesthetic is that it hides so much. My friend just bought a new house. She’s very neat and tidy anyway and her house is all white paint, grey carpet, neutral colour scheme throughout… but I’ve never thought of her as a minimalist, especially in the wardrobe. Even still if someone looked at my house (with less stuff) and her house (with a regular amount of stuff and 7.5 metres of build in wardrobes stuffed full) her house would probably be the one you think was a minimal home.

Does anyone else feel like they have to redecorate to ‘suit’ the minimalist stereotype?


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