Discardia – Week 4

Loads of stuff jettisoned this week.

I couldn’t be bothered listing on eBay anymore, there was just too much stuff and I’m so time poor right now that both work and uni are suffering. By the time I added up how long it would take to photograph, list, answer questions, package, post, deduct PayPal and eBay fees… it just wasn’t worth it, I’d effectively be working for about £3 an hour.

Basically, its a clothes purge week. A whopping 12 bags of clothes and shoes donated.


I also streamlined our crockery. We used to have 12 of everything but some bits got broken so we had 12 of some, 10 bowls, 9 plates… I took everything down to 8 of each.


While I was sorting the plates and bowls, I spotted something out of date in one of the food cupboards and wound up gutting all the food too!


And then I found out what a pancake 2 months past it’s best before looks like


It had slipped behind some plates and been left there. Ick.

 Lastly, a piece of furniture has left the building! Ok it hasn’t actually left yet, but someone is picking it up tonight so it’s almost gone.

 Money earned this week £20


3 thoughts on “Discardia – Week 4”

  1. wow! id love to do this but the thought of letting go is not a good one! Im not sure i could commit 100% and i think something like this needs a huge amount of commitment ? I admire you and are jealous x


    1. I did have a bit of a wobble yesterday because there was so much going at once, it’s a sort of panicky feeling, but I’ve had it before and it passes quickly enough. I’ve never missed something once its actually gone!

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