Discardia – week 5


Seriously, I cleared out not a damn thing this week!

Far too busy. Hoping to do something weekend but I have a tutorial and baby swimming lesson Saturday, Mother’s Day Sunday and my grans birthday.

My main issues at the moment are

  • The garage: it’s absolutely full and desperately needs a clear out.
  • The study cupboard. I don’t even know what half the crap is for
  • The books, because if we whittle to one bookcase then I can sell the other one and the living room should look a little more open.
  • The ongoing pile in 4th bedroom. It’s been reduced by half but still unnecessary mess.

I’m hoping that once we sort our finances out it’ll be easier to donate things because I’m holding on to so much stuff to sell because we kinda need the money at the moment.

I still find the wasted money the hardest part!


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