Lost the plot

Missed my usual Project 333 and discardia posts this week!

I’ve been really busy and we’re planning some work to the house that’s taken up all our time.

We’ve decided that instead of editing our rooms in their current form, we’re going to change the layout of the house. That means bringing down the wall between the playroom and living room and turning the two rooms into one big open plan living/dining room with doors at each end allowing a ‘flow’ in and out of the rooms. We’re also going to turn the large living room window into a bifold door way instead, which will go out to the garden.  Outside the new doors we’re having a raised deck area so the floor level inside and outside will be exactly the same with no lips or steps for the baby to trip over. The raised deck area should only be one step up from the grass and will cover a duff patch of garden which gets no sun. We’ve lived here for 4 years and this one section of garden just will not work. We’ve returfed it 3 times, tried planting shady shrubs… it’s still a sodden muddy mess.

Since it’s not useable as grass, covering it makes the most sense and the decking will give us a space for Tabi to play on (which is more kid friendly than the patio) even when the grass is damp.

That gives us a large living and eating space that goes straight outside and keeps toddlers out of the kitchen (the only access to the garden currently) and loses the pretty ridiculous playroom. I mean, what 1 year old needs a whole room for their toys? I want to create family space, not storage space.

The last 2 changes we’re making are to the front garden (moving the front path and extending the fence) and my husbands study. His study is a tiny room and has the only storage cupboard in the house tucked away at the back making his room an elaborate corridor, rather than private man cave. We’re moving the cupboard door so it’s accessed via the cloak room and then painting the study and splurging on a new desk.

That means packing up basically all of our downstairs furniture, which isn’t too bad because then we’ll only unpack what we need, leave the rest in the garage and then get started again on clearing out, but with the house in a ‘finished’ state. Possessions reduced, excess out the door… to the end of the garden, sure but at least it’s all in one place and we can sell the big stuff or ferry off to charity shops from there.

It’s a little extreme, upending the whole house in the pursuit of minimalism but I really want to feel like I’ve reached a stable point at home. Clear and functional, not in a perpetual state of overhaul.

Oh! In reference to my blog name, you want to hear about a failure in minimalism; remember my konmari wardrobe post? Well I gutted my underwear drawer with very little thought to the fact that I, y’know, need underwear, wound up with only 4 pairs of pants and last week, had to wear a pair for a second day while I went to the shops to buy more. D’oh!


1 thought on “Lost the plot”

  1. Oh no on the undies!!!! I haven’t thrown anything out or donated anything (yet) that I didn’t think through, but I’m sure it’s just a matter of time 🙂


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