Reset to Zero

I don’t remember where I first came across this idea so I’m afraid I can’t give credit, sorry!

Ages ago, I read a post, probably on a minimalism blog, about resetting to zero. There’s a weekly reset and a daily reset.

The daily reset can be simple – lay out your clothes for tomorrow, take your make up off, pick up around the house (dishes in the dishwasher instead of the sink, couch cushions re-fluffed etc), empty the bins. The weekly reset is usually more involved, like deal with all mail from the previous week, do laundry (wash – dry – iron – put away) and if you’re more organised than me, maybe some meal prep or even just doing your weekly shop.

The idea is that you finish things off and wake up in a reset home, ready to start, not snowed under with the things you didn’t finish yesterday or flailing around looking for your keys.

I don’t ever go to bed in a messy house now, haven’t for a while. Once you start doing it the mini reset every day, it becomes so quick you really don’t need much willpower!

My daily reset is:

  • Tidy the couch -cushions and blankets replaced/folded
  • Put away laptop & charger
  • Dirty dishes in dishwasher
  • Wipe down kitchen counter top
  • Baby toys back in her basket (this one gets done while the other parent is doing bedtime)
  • Clothes laid out
  • Skincare routine (I’m terrible for skimping on this step with a baby wipe!)
  • If it’s a nursery day, I lay the baby’s clothes out on her dresser before bedtime

The weekly reset is usually as above but I try to get all the ironing done so we all start the week with a full wardrobe.

It’s really handy if you’re trying to declutter because there are some things you keep coming across but can’t be bothered tidying/ironing/finding a home for and those are usually the first things out the door!


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