If you haven’t spotted this hashtag floating around instagram already, it’s a campaign started by Livia Firth to ask yourself ‘will I wear this item 30+ times’ before buying. 

Will it last? Is it good quality? Does it ‘fit’ my style? 

30 wears doesn’t sound like a lot, but if you wear a pair of jeans once a week, 30 wears will take you 7 months. I’ve had jeans wear through in half that time.

I’m using an app called style book to minimise my wardrobe and keep an eye on cost per wear, it’s a paid app but totally worth the money. I’ve just reset my app so lost all previous wears but i think I’ll still get useful information starting now.

My project 333 attempt lasted about 2 weeks before I lost the plot so I might have another go next month.

It’s so much harder to have a minimal wardrobe in summer, at least in Scotland. May has had some beautiful weather, proper shorts and t shirt sunshine, but it’s also pissing down every other day, we had frost last week and 3 weeks ago it snowed! You have to cover every eventuality so I need my winter jumpers, but also shorts? Winter is much easier. It’s cold, dress for that!


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