Shopping ban

Now that my exam is over and the building work on the house is finished, I feel like I have a bit of calm ahead and have decided to try a shopping ban until the end of the year.

There are some necessary exceptions to this and I’m using the principles behind Stuffocation as guidance

The exceptions are:

Consumables – food, drink, toilet roll… but we’re streamlining our grocery shopping too

Experiential purchases – tickets, holidays, the odd dinner out. Non material goods

Tabitha stuff – I don’t think we need much, she’s set for toys and we have a drawer full of clothes in the next size up. Off the top of my head I imagine we’ll need shoes, socks, underwear and pyjamas in the next 6 months.

Clothes – aha! This sounds like cheating, doesn’t it? I’m trying to improve my health and fitness, and losing the excess weight I’m lugging around which means replacing some of my existing wardrobe with smaller replacements. I’m bigger on top so I think around 80% of my tops/jumpers/coats will be ok unless I drop below a UK14. There are a few jumpers that are baggy already so will probably be first in the eBay pile. I have narrow hips so jeans and trousers will need replaced quickly once I sort out my waist (I still look pregnant because my abdominal muscles are shot). Decent bras are essential (I’m a 36HH) and if you’re losing weight you should get resized every 6 weeks so I’m looking at maybe 4-6 new bras in the next 6 months. I’m not going to replace things just because I *could* now get the smaller size, I’m going to replace them when they get so baggy it’s obvious they’re the wrong size, hopefully this means that (with the exception of jeans/trousers) I can skip a few sizes down at once. It will be strictly replacements only, no ‘new’ items. One in, one out. If my current navy trousers get too big, I buy smaller navy trousers, not a dress.

If there are any physical goods or clothes that aren’t replacements which I think I ‘need’ then I’ll write them down. If I still ‘need’ them by the end of the year I’ll put them on my Christmas list!


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