4 days in

That’s all. 4 days! I almost bought a planter yesterday to replace our ugly metal one. I don’t need it, I want it (although the metal one is really ugly). 

Then this morning I’m on the Boden website looking at baby clothes as they have a 60% + 10% sale on and I adore baby Boden. She has a full wardrobe, doesn’t need anything but I’m still itching to buy because of the discount. 

I didn’t expect to find it so difficult not to shop to be honest!

I’m reminding myself that a break from in coming ‘things’ should help with getting things out and that means this year I might actually attain the minimalist house to which I’ve always aspired, but I still find myself opening shopping sites when I’m bored or restless. What else is the internet for? I’m actually asking, I can’t remember!

I’m going to start keeping a little note of all the things I’ve done with the time I would have been shopping (things I’ve done to distract myself from shopping is more accurate)

  • Finished off Caitlin Moran’s ‘Moranifesto’ started last year.
  • Finished off ‘Hot Milk’ and returned it to the library
  • Watched The Keepers on Netflix 
  • Did ALL the ironing. Every last bit.

And that’s just in 4 days!


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