Project 333

I’ve tried this before and never lasted too long but this time I’ve made it almost 2 months!

On the 14th may I started tracking what I was wearing on my Stylebook app and I’ve never missed a day so far. I did do it slightly differently though, I moved all my clothes on the app to one folder and once I’d worn them, then I put them back into their correct folder so rather than picking 33 items up front, I’m just seeing which 33 I really use.

My wardrobe breakdown

22 items of clothing, 9 accessories (shoes, bags, jewellery), 32 unworn items. The ‘other’ category has things which don’t count like my glasses, purse, travel luggage… that sort of thing.

Here’s almost everything I’ve worn the last 2 months



It’s only almost everything because a pair of sandals disintegrated so were returned as faulty, a pair of trainers wore out and needed replaced and another pair of shoes were nipping a little so have been bumped to eBay.

I also haven’t been in the office for months now so no ‘work’ clothes have been worn.

My wardrobes pretty basic, I tend to stick to a navy/red/yellow colour palette and that works for me. I basically live in girlfriend jeans, striped tops and converse.

My wardrobe still needs some tweaking as clearly some items aren’t being worn but also there are things I have worn that I’m not too keen on, they were just ‘there’.

I need to get better photos of some things, usually I just save from the website which is why some have model shots!

1 month left!


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