Shopping Ban – 1

Not fantastic to be honest…

Bit odd, find myself checking the new in sections of websites like some mad crack addict sniffing household glue just to get close to what they really want.

I have had some new things delivered which were on back order prior to shopping ban –

1.) Olive Orla Kiely curtains for the living room which had a 4 week wait.

2.) Navy Toms, because I wore through my last slip ons and I lived in them. As in wore them 26 out of the last 30 days. These were also back ordered and purchased before ban.

3.) Bowie-esque print from Habitat for the living room. I was on a waitlist for this coming back in stock, bought as soon as they e-mailed (also pre ban) and now I’m a bit unsure about it. I’m trying to pick art for the living room and this plus the TFL print may be too much. I have a Pinterest for them here.

and some stuff which wasn’t back ordered:

4.) A Haynes manual for 1954-77 VW Beetle. I didn’t even register that I’d bought something until a few hours later, it didn’t click I’d shopped. Because it was on eBay with PayPal money.

5.) Literally hundreds of ££’s worth of stuff for my Dad. He’s away right now doing a thing called Rust 2 Rome, basically 37 £500 cars are driving from Edinburgh to Rome and he’s raising money for Epilepsy Scotland (my Mum was epileptic and died during a seizure 18 months ago). While he’s away, my sister and I are ticking some things off his to-do list, like redecorating his bathroom and sprucing up his bedroom as a surprise. I’ve spent £150 on curtains, bedding and a bathroom mirror, £30 on paint and hardware, £35 on misc organisers and towel holders and I need to buy another tin of paint tomorrow. Does that even count as shopping if it’s a gift?

6.) A book to give to a friend of my. Hollie McNish – Nobody Told Me. I’ve never been an avid poetry reader but her poetry diary covering pregnancy and the first few years raising a human is brilliant (there’s a short poem about refugee babies which brought me to proper ugly sobbing). My friend is due her first baby in October and I thought she’d enjoy the book.

7.) Navy ballet flats to replace slightly too small shoes I’ve listed on eBay as mentioned in my last post.

That’s it so far.

If anyone would like to donate to my Dad’s fundraiser his just giving page is here.

Thank you so much 🙂


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