In search of balance

Not being ‘allowed’ to shop has forced me to look for other ways to spend my time and how I currently spend it.

Basically I work, I look after the baby, I do baby activities and I sit on the couch watching Netflix complaining about how tired I am. That’s not exactly a balanced life.

So, I need to find a hobby. I’m going to the gym a lot more now, because I need to sort my health/fitness out, so it’s not a hobby, it’s an obligation that I’m finally taking seriously. I want something thats just for fun, enjoyable in its own right. Exercise might become that, but it isn’t yet.

My Dad is doing a charity rally from Edinburgh to Rome in a £500 car to raise money for epilepsy Scotland (link here) and he’s been working on getting his cheap Mercedes road worthy for almost a year now. I’ve never been into cars, I want one that runs and is comfortable. That’s it, not bothered about anything above the practicalities, but I’ve always loved old VW bugs. I’ve been put off by the maintenance because I don’t know how to do it and a car without power steering, air con and all the rest just wouldn’t do as my only vehicle. I now have a company car, all maintenance and repairs are taken care of by my employer so I’ve been thinking I could possibly have the extravagance of a second car and the luxury of time to spend getting it roadworthy without pressure.

I could use the car to learn, rather than having to learn in order to get the car. I’ve found a few under £1k, one in particular that I like the look of because it’s not roadworthy, no battery or anything! It needs a trailer to pick it up. So I’m thinking about increasing my savings and my eBaying the next year or so to save up and also finally gutting the garage to make space in it to fit a Bug.

When I was 9 my parents bought our first house and my dad finally had a garage instead of the kitchen table to rebuild his engines in. For some reason, he instead bought a tiny, half rotted boat called The Enterprise. This boat never saw water. It sat in the garage for years and eventually disappeared. This Bug project might turn out to be my boat!


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