Shopping ban – 2


Oh holy hell, did I fall off the wagon.

I was barely even on the flipping wagon, it’s been 3 weeks!

See, I went to IKEA yesterday… this, in hindsight was a mistake but I was bored and needed to pick up a potty and baby bedding (we’re about to transition her from sleeping bag to duvet & pillow) and somehow I also picked her up a little peg & hammer toy. I love ikea toys, they’re usually wooden simple things in the same colour palette and I’d rather she only had the small ikea selection of toys than her current heap of toys to be honest. And then I picked up a brass plant pot, fake fern and 2 new pillowcases for throw cushions I was about to chuck.

£70 down in total.

Was that the end? Oh no, I WENT BACK TO IKEA TODAY!

I bought my sister 4 photo frames (and lunch) in exchange for a ‘free’ manicure this weekend (she’s a beauty therapist) and then I bought a plant, plant pot, brass candle lantern, 2 leaf print storage boxes and 2 black picture frames (£60).

And then I came home and ordered a baby gate (£26) and 3 prints online (£42).

And a throw for the bed (our old one has been ripped for years) which suited the new cushion covers (£40)

£238 in TWO DAYS!


In fairness, the baby bedding, potty and stair gate, were all needed.

The prints (and frames) have been on the cards since we started the living room redecorations. Everything else was impulsive.

I think they’ve been good buys although they weren’t planned. The cushion covers in particular as they were spur of the moment and have worked out perfectly in our room (will have to do an updated house tour at some point).

The art work was always intended, the plants weren’t really, that corner of the room just took on a life of its own. The other bits and pieces were pretty much all rounding out the decorating so if I were to give any advice it would be DO NOT START A SHOPPING BAN MID HOUSE OVERHAUL. It’s doomed to fail.

I think we’re done on the house front now as far as purchases (I still need to have a set of  curtains hemmed) so the next 5 months I should actually stick to the ban.



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