Shopping Ban – 3

Much better the last 2 weeks!

I’ve bought a happy nappy swimsuit for Tabitha (used, via eBay) so she has 2 for us going away in October. They’re the sort of thing that can be passed down so I don’t mind spending the extra to get them and they’re the only ones approved for baby swim lessons.

Tabitha has also gotten a puddle suit, wellies…


and, erm… a giant paddling pool with inflatable dinosaurs…

The paddle pool breaks my ban rules as wasn’t really needed, but LOOK AT IT!


It was £57 but (barring any punctures) we should get several summers use out of it and the look on her face when we turned the hose on (theres a sprinkler in Nessie’s tummy over the slide), totally worth it.

There are some things on my own ‘need’ list but I’ve held off so far. Mainly slippers (mine ripped) and ‘gym appropriate underwear’ should I ever find any which don’t cause spin class related rubbing.

I’ve also been doing quite well on the discardia front thanks to a can of red bull and 100 free eBay listings but will do a post about that later.

I’m feeling really good about making it to the end of the year without spending* now 🙂


*Disclaimer – My husband is, this very second, at Ikea buying two lockable bathroom wall cabinets for our medicine as Tabi got into the paracetamol drawer this morning. But after that we’re done!


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