Discardia – 12

Loads gone this time!

I have 45 listings on eBay right now, some are sets, or bundles so I think its closer to around 80 ‘things’ going.


It doesn’t look like that much does it? The black basket is full of baby clothes which are the bulk of the listings. The clothes and shoes are things I’ve decided to sell after doing project 333 (2 weeks to go!). I think I may still have a few things to part with but since I’m intending to slim out of my entire wardrobe in the next year anyway, I don’t see the point in rushing.

I still have more to go but I don’t want to list so much that I can’t keep on top of the posting part so I think I’ll leave it another day then do another batch of listings so there’s some space between. Whatever way I do it, between listing and relisting, packing and post office runs, August is going to be the month of eBay!

I also took 2 ikea bags full to the charity shop. Cushions mainly and I’ve already forgotten the rest so clearly they won’t be missed.




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