Project333 – 2

I have less than 2 weeks to go before my 3 months is up.

I’ve used more than 33 items but it turns out that I wear most of my wardrobe, there’s very little excess. Plus the weather changes alone meant seasonal wear was added and subtracted (in the same month I wore a massive winter coat in the snow and denim shorts in roasting hot sunshine. Welcome to Scotland.)

I’ve decided to ditch a few pieces from my wardrobe that haven’t been worn


  • Dungarees – I wore these constantly when I first got them in January and now I haven’t touched them in 3 months. I’m still pro dungaree though so I think once my weight is sorted and I’m investing in a ‘permanent’ wardrobe I’ll get a dungaree dress and dungaree shorts for summer because I’ve been desperate to buy both of these for months but have refrained!
  • Chunky knit stripe jumper – Again I wore this a lot at first but it’s just too high maintenance. Every single wash meant hours, spread over days, with a bobble buster and a knit comb to get it back to a wearable state. I just don’t love it enough to continue!
  • Green leopard print dress – Adore but have never had occasion to wear. Plus it’s too small right now.
  • Black skinny jeans – I prefer blue. The black pair were a panic buy because I couldn’t fit into my work trousers after maternity leave and these were really stretchy.
  • Burgundy blouse – never worn because there’s no stretch and I’m worried about it ripping if I reach for something… or sit down… or cough…
  • Faux leather jacket – I was a die hard leather jacket girl. What other jacket could I ever need? Well I’ve done that cliche knackered parent thing and changed my style post baby to PRACTICAL. Which means my jacket requirements are 1) waterproof 2) zip up 3) hooded 4) pockets.


  • Burgundy high heels – First, the colour isn’t in my navy/yellow/red palette. Second, I’ve worn heels precisely once in the last 2 years. I am a flat shoe girl now. See above PRACTICAL whinge.
  • Super fancy black adidas superstars – I love these, I really do but they go with literally nothing I own. Besides the dungarees (which I’m selling) or the black skinnies (which I’m selling). They just aren’t ‘me’.
  • Burgundy ankle boots – never wear them
  • Pink flats – not in my colour palette
  • Monochrome flats – not in my colour palette
  • Navy & yellow crossbody bags. I do think I might buy a new bag in spite of the shopping ban. I have 2 little cross body bags, the navy one is the right size, but doesn’t have a zip, the yellow does have a zip, but is a touch too small and not quite the right shade of yellow for my wardrobe. I might sell both and buy this instead.

So 12 items are on their way out post 333.

I’m going to do this again and see if there are any items left over from both runs (meaning I haven’t worn them in at least 6 months) and they’ll probably toddle on to eBay too!



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