Stuff is weird

I’ve been trying to konmari, declutter, scale back, capsule wardrobe and minimise my ‘stuff’ for AGES and I’m still not through with all the piles of excess.

It’s simple enough to decide what I don’t ‘need’ but actually getting it out of the house never seems to happen. 

I’m pretty good at ebaying my extra clothes and stuff Tabi has grown out of but my main sticking point is still wasted money. I hang on to extra stuff because I try to sell them and recoup some of the cost and it takes ages.

I found it much easier to toss stuff before I went part time. I had a lot more disposable cash (there’s a £40k difference between my last year full time and my first year part time) so throwing stuff out (donating, never land fill!) was easier because I knew I could just go and buy more if I needed it.

I know that there’s a long running criticisim of minimalism, that it requires a certain amount of economic privilege to persue, and I never really felt that until I wound up on the other side. I thought it made sense that less money=less spending and so less excess purchases and belongings but it’s getting to the point where you’ve gotten rid of the excess in the first place that’s really hard when you have little or no disposable income.

We are all in this cycle of buying stuff just for the sake of buying it. I haven’t had a holiday abroad since 2014 because it’s a ‘big’ purchase (also because the UK is nice) but if I added up the original cost of all the little things that I’ve bought since then, most of which have now wound up being sold on or donated, I’d have been able to have some really cracking holidays. 

I just need to stay focussed, ignore the wasted money (it’s already spent, gone, bye) and ditch it all. Get my home back to a state where it could go on the market tomorrow (I’ve no intention of selling but it’s a good measure to stop a home falling into disrepair!) and keep up with the shopping ban until the end of the year. 


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