Living room – progress pic

We have a living room and separate dining room in our house, the dining room was barely used so we turned it in to a playroom. That never really worked as I like her playing where I can see her and to be honest having such a large toy space meant we just filled it up. We’ve been slowly ditching the excess in the two rooms in preparation for the wall between them coming down for a few months and 3 weeks ago it finally came down!

These are all taken from roughly the same point in the room so you can see how it’s opened up.

It still needs the walls patched up and a fresh coat of paint and we won’t hang pictures until after that. We have a different curtain pole to go up so it matches the window at the other end and I have a new sideboard coming tomorrow, it’s a bright colourful retro style and the storage fits board games, our current one doesn’t.

Here’s the other side:

And after we realised moving the bookcases would make the space look tidier:

There’s so much more space now and it looks so light and airy. I really love it, it’s better than I expected and a Tabi has been running circles through the two doors since the day the floor went down!

We’d still like to change the triple window at the dining end for a bifold door at some point but the quotes were too high so that’s on hold for now.

We may also replace the dining table for something bigger. I’d like to start hosting Sunday lunches and this table just won’t do, again that’s something for later when we’ve saved up a bit.

Hello again

My exam is over, building work in house mostly done and I have 3 weeks off to catch up a bit!

My exam was as I expected, 2 source analysis (excerpts from the Iliad and Persians) and 2 essays. One on Homeric values, one on 5th century Athenians self perception. I’ve definitely passed but not sure what grade. I’m hoping I got 70%+ to maintain my grade but won’t know until it’s marked.

The wall separating our dining room (playroom) and living room is gone but we haven’t decorated yet or finished flooring. 

Also so much crap in our spare room right now! 

Off to clear it out now.

A short interlude

I had been doing a week long Refinery29 style money diary post but after the Manchester bombings it just seemed really frivolous so I canned it.

I was really upset by the bombings, in way that previous attacks haven’t gotten to me. Maybe because there were so many young girls killed or now without their mothers and I now have a young girl who will eventually go to concerts and am also missing my mother.

I’ve stopped checking the news now. I just can’t bear it. It’s either dead children, nasty election campaigns, brexit or Trumpty Numpty and I’m done. 

I also have an exam* in a week so, I’m offline, have signed up to yoga and have a week off work to revise. I will be back mid June.

*the university had to send everyone an email to get to the exam venue early for additional security checks. I have to worry about being blown up in addition to remembering the last years course work apparently 🙄

A small rant

What exactly is the point of a magazine?

I thought that a magazine was a way to learn about specific hobbies, like sewing or running, to keep up to date or read opinion pieces on interests like psychology today or new scientist.

Now I don’t read magazines often, but today I downloaded a copy of Red magazine, which I’ve only heard good things about and basically I’d have been better sitting watching adverts for an hour.

I have a handy little content breakdown here:

Pages in the magazine – 212

Pages in the magazine that were full page adverts – 87 (41%)

Pages in the magazine which were labelled ‘features’ but the only writing was an items maker and cost (separated from main adverts as the magazine had to create the content but still with intent to sell) – 36 (17%)

Pages in the magazine which had NO advertising at all <30

It was very hard finding a page without advertising, I mean if the page is an article with an author and they mention their new book, it’s an advert, but it is also an article which doesn’t exist for the SOLE purpose of selling. There’s value in it beyond the sale.

Once you start thinking about refusal to purchase you realise how many adverts you see. I always thought ‘5000 adverts a day’ was a total unrealistic claim unless you spent your day in Times Square, now I think all you need is a magazine to reach quota….


If you haven’t spotted this hashtag floating around instagram already, it’s a campaign started by Livia Firth to ask yourself ‘will I wear this item 30+ times’ before buying. 

Will it last? Is it good quality? Does it ‘fit’ my style? 

30 wears doesn’t sound like a lot, but if you wear a pair of jeans once a week, 30 wears will take you 7 months. I’ve had jeans wear through in half that time.

I’m using an app called style book to minimise my wardrobe and keep an eye on cost per wear, it’s a paid app but totally worth the money. I’ve just reset my app so lost all previous wears but i think I’ll still get useful information starting now.

My project 333 attempt lasted about 2 weeks before I lost the plot so I might have another go next month.

It’s so much harder to have a minimal wardrobe in summer, at least in Scotland. May has had some beautiful weather, proper shorts and t shirt sunshine, but it’s also pissing down every other day, we had frost last week and 3 weeks ago it snowed! You have to cover every eventuality so I need my winter jumpers, but also shorts? Winter is much easier. It’s cold, dress for that!