Manic Monday…

No more! I went back to work part time a few weeks ago and even on reduced hours I was really struggling. I work 20 miles from home, my daughters nursery is near home and opens at 7:30 so the absolute earliest I can hit the motorway is 7:45. It takes me at least an… Continue reading Manic Monday…


January shopping round up

Bad minimalist!!! Not sure how but I managed to spend quite a bit this month despite not being paid since September... Clothes - £456.68 2 pairs of Richmond 7/8 trousers. Black & navy. Needed work clothes! £58.50 and £52 Christmas jumper £39.75 Grey jumper £45 Black & white Breton £15.90 - All Boden Black dungarees £34.99… Continue reading January shopping round up

Simplifying the non-stuff stuff

A lot of the time minimalism focusses on 'stuff', actual physical things. Declutter your wardrobe, Konmari your komono... but I think, for me anyway, one of the main goals is to have a simpler life. Less time cleaning, less time fighting with your clothes to get dressed in the morning, less time wondering where in… Continue reading Simplifying the non-stuff stuff