Taking stock -Bathrooms

I’m lumping all the bathrooms together for this one because they all have the same storage needs/failures

Family bathroom


Basically, we need a vanity in here. It’s the bathroom we use for the baby so there’s a lot of toys and we use that purple box for medicine storage (which we really need to change before she’s able to open it). A vanity would make a huge difference.

Jack & Jill en suite


This is also the baby’s bathroom.. it’s attached to her room and we brush her teeth in here. When she’s old enough to shower this will be her bathroom. Shared, I expect, with a sibling at some point.The towels look a bit messy but I don’t care enough to change them!

Our en suitefullsizeoutput_1772

This room isn’t bad. If I was wishing for stuff I’d say I’d like the fitted option (with the toilet, sink etc all in units that go wall to wall) because it provides a little extra storage and less visual clutter but it’s ok.

Bathroom cabinet clear out

Somehow, I’ve managed to completely ignore the PAO symbol on all my makeup and toiletries

I spent a bit of time at the weekend going through my bathroom cabinet and make up bag and well, here’s all the stuff I have to throw out

I’m not going to price up the wastage, that would make me cry. I now have no eyeshadow, no foundation (to be fair I didn’t use it anyway) and a very tidy bathroom cabinet!

I’ve decided to look on the bright side and run with the products I have left as long as I can. I’m not going to replace my eyeshadow or foundation. Not going to buy a new body scrub or bath oil.

So here’s my toiletries now:img_2676

And organised into containers:


The box holds my everyday stuff, dry shampoo, mythic oil, face & body moisturisers, eye cream, deodorant, cleansers and 2 night creams (one is a weekly treatment) and the rest is neatly organised. Now that I’ve cleaned it out I think I’ll reduce even further because there are some things I don’t intend to replace when they run out.
My make up:


BB cream, under eye concealer and mascara is everyday. The powder used to be everyday but my skin is so dry right now I haven’t needed it. There are 2 NARS blushers there, one open and one sample size I’m keeping for when the big one runs out.

Everything else is infrequent use. The lipsticks especially but I wouldn’t be without them. Much prefer lipstick to eyeshadow!