Discardia – 9

Well, I finally had a productive weekend!

We gutted the only storage cupboard in the house ahead of the door being moved from my husband’s study to the downstairs bathroom so we intend it to be more of a utility cupboard now instead of a dumping ground/utility cupboard/extension of the study.

The way we (I) approached it was to pull everything out of the cupboard bar the shelves and put it in the playroom, then close the door so Tabi couldn’t get at it. Then we worked through it in pieces over the weekend, cleaned the cupboard, then replaced the things we were keeping in that cupboard.

Before(s) on the left.


Unfortunately the befores don’t show the scale of crap we had, so heres what the playroom looked like!


And here’s some of the stuff we got rid of. Plus a full box of donations and I just sold the big chest of drawers we were using in Tabi’s room.IMG_0578

A lot of stuff is now piled up in boxes because it’s to be kept in the study now but we can’t do anything with it until the building work is finished so I’m just going to have to live with a messy house for the next 2 months.

There are some things that I’m not sure we’ll use but want to wait until the we’ve finished downstairs and then discard, just in case. I’ve been trying to list a chair and a table lamp on gumtree with no takers for months but when this work is finished, I’ll have a perfect spot for them so they don’t need to go anymore. If I’d managed to sell them, I’d be scouting for replacements so I’d like to avoid that situation with other things, like picture frames and ornaments.

Hopefully this is all finished in 2 months. Every single room in the house finished/decorated and decluttered in 2 months!

Money ‘earned’ – £35*


*Edited as I sold a rocking chair just as I hit post!


And my complete lack thereof.

I’ve done little things this week but we’re still wrangling planning permission and a budget for the housing changes. There’s a huge clear out coming very soon, I reckon you’re in for the mother of all discard posts as soon as the work is completed and we start moving our furniture back in!

I did go to my Nana’s on Monday and try to clear her spare room out. She’s a hoarder and also stores stuff for my uncle to sell at car boot sales (which he hasn’t done in almost 2 years) so she couldn’t even see the bed, let alone get into the room.

I didn’t take before and after pictures but we took a car full to the recycling centre and charity shop, she can now use the bed and the floor is visible. She still needs to go through things like videos and bedding, as well as her clothes and shoes, but we got started, which is the main thing. Especially since when I’d finally cleared a path to the window, I found it covered in mould! It’s being scrubbed with bleach as I type and the window will be left ajar until it airs out.

It did need done but I think it also felt easier to help my Nana than to get on with my own clear out. I’m hoping I have more headspace after my exam to really finish editing our possessions and finding some stable ground for a while.

Unfortunately I’ve also rediscovered my love of buying Baby Boden clothes cheap on eBay so there’s more stuff on the way in. Baby clothes seem to spawn out of control whenever I turn my back. She’s growing so quickly I can’t get the ‘too small’ stuff listed quick enough!

Discardia – Week 6-8

Tiny clear out (not including the boot full of rubbish that we hauled out of the garage) but we’re still up to our eyeballs in building warrants!

This week I’ve sold a knock off Eames style lounge chair, which I’m a bit sad about. I wanted one for ages but we just don’t have the space for it so it’s gone.


And another box of books to WeBuyBooks.


Money ‘earned’ – £182.51

I have to do the books in stages as I find them quite hard to part with. I’ve cleared out any ancient history or classical studies books as I’m taking next year off and have found it’s much easier to find, read and use the information in textbooks in iBook format. There’s an accepted way to reference eBook material under my university’s reference guide and it means I can take textbooks to work to read on my lunch break without putting my back out!

The fiction or general interest books are the ones I struggle most with but I’ve been quite strict with myself if I don’t think I’ll read a book again. There’s also a point, I think from Marie Kondo’s book, about how we tend to keep the books which create the image of ourselves as we’d like to be perceived, rather than who we are. A shelf full of Tolstoy when you prefer Kathy Reichs for example. So I’ve been editing with that in mind, did I really like this book, or did I like the idea of being the kind of person who likes this book?

My other consideration with books is Tabitha. I was a regular library goer, but there are some books which I’d never have thought to get out of the library and only read because they were in my parents house on a rainy day with nothing to do. So to that end, I’ve kept some books I otherwise wouldn’t have, simply because I want Tabi to have access to them later. My husband and I have a family account on iTunes, so any books purchased are shared between us as we both have iPads, but I don’t want her having a tablet for a very long time. I think it’s important to experience physical books and for her to go to a library to borrow, rather than iTunes to buy as her first instinct.

We’re probably not starting work until June so we still have a little time to clear out. There’s just so much of it, I’m finding it quite stressful!

Discardia – week 5


Seriously, I cleared out not a damn thing this week!

Far too busy. Hoping to do something weekend but I have a tutorial and baby swimming lesson Saturday, Mother’s Day Sunday and my grans birthday.

My main issues at the moment are

  • The garage: it’s absolutely full and desperately needs a clear out.
  • The study cupboard. I don’t even know what half the crap is for
  • The books, because if we whittle to one bookcase then I can sell the other one and the living room should look a little more open.
  • The ongoing pile in 4th bedroom. It’s been reduced by half but still unnecessary mess.

I’m hoping that once we sort our finances out it’ll be easier to donate things because I’m holding on to so much stuff to sell because we kinda need the money at the moment.

I still find the wasted money the hardest part!

Discardia – Week 4

Loads of stuff jettisoned this week.

I couldn’t be bothered listing on eBay anymore, there was just too much stuff and I’m so time poor right now that both work and uni are suffering. By the time I added up how long it would take to photograph, list, answer questions, package, post, deduct PayPal and eBay fees… it just wasn’t worth it, I’d effectively be working for about £3 an hour.

Basically, its a clothes purge week. A whopping 12 bags of clothes and shoes donated.


I also streamlined our crockery. We used to have 12 of everything but some bits got broken so we had 12 of some, 10 bowls, 9 plates… I took everything down to 8 of each.


While I was sorting the plates and bowls, I spotted something out of date in one of the food cupboards and wound up gutting all the food too!


And then I found out what a pancake 2 months past it’s best before looks like


It had slipped behind some plates and been left there. Ick.

 Lastly, a piece of furniture has left the building! Ok it hasn’t actually left yet, but someone is picking it up tonight so it’s almost gone.

 Money earned this week £20

Discardia – Week 3

Less stuff went out this week. I didn’t get around to doing the garage clear out because I have an essay due Thursday (which I should be writing instead of this, but hey, ho!)


Finally got around to returning 2 parcels. The Boden one I’ve requested exchanges but I think I’m actually going to return the exchanges too. After my last post I decided I would stop filling the gaps in the Mum wardrobe and instead add things I like so that I’m progressing towards getting back to myself, instead of settling into the middle-class-mummy trope. Of course thats all with the intent to only buy what I need, I’m not going to toss everything and start again, but when things are damaged or no longer fit, instead of replacing like for like, I’ll replace with intent to build a more ‘me’ wardrobe (black ankle boots instead of brown, leather jacket instead of blue blazer, ripped grey skinnies instead of clean blue ones etc).

The Topshop package was the start of that new intention. I went online and bought 2 pairs of shoes just because I like them, not because they ‘went’ with my existing wardrobe. I’ve kept a pair of white ankle boots (that I really like but thought were too fashion-y for me) and returned a pair of red heels because wardrobe redirection or not, I’m still a flat shoes kinda girl!

Here are the shoes, if you’re interested

The box is the start of the toy clear out. Nothing major yet but it’s made a dent, which is good.

The bags are clothes which are stained, faded or just not in good enough condition to be sold so I’ve popped them in a clothing donation bin. Even if the charity can’t use the donations, they recycle the fabric. H&M also operate fabric recycling within their store, drop off old clothes and they give you a gift voucher.

And while writing this post I remembered I had 3 massive cushions I’d taken off our bed because they literally just went on the bed when it was made, then got dumped on the floor every night and we were always tripping over them. Total waste of time.


Then I found a raised wooden serving board we’d used once. And a pile of bras I’d been meaning to send to Smalls for All. And a penguin ornament that I assume was a gift but can’t remember from who…

All now gone, so it’s actually been a decent week for de-junking!