Shopping ban – 2

Oh holy hell, did I fall off the wagon. I was barely even on the flipping wagon, it's been 3 weeks! See, I went to IKEA yesterday... this, in hindsight was a mistake but I was bored and needed to pick up a potty and baby bedding (we're about to transition her from sleeping bag… Continue reading Shopping ban – 2


Living room – progress pic

We have a living room and separate dining room in our house, the dining room was barely used so we turned it in to a playroom. That never really worked as I like her playing where I can see her and to be honest having such a large toy space meant we just filled it… Continue reading Living room – progress pic

Being Minimalist vs Looking Minimalist

I follow The Minimalists on Facebook and last week they had posted a link to a minimalist apartment tour. One of the comments on their post was along the lines of 'why are they always white boxes? Aren't there any minimalist homes that are colourful?'. I think homes/rooms can look minimal, but actually be full of… Continue reading Being Minimalist vs Looking Minimalist