Project 333 – Week 1

Well, I barely wore any clothes this week! Wednesday/Thursday I didn’t leave the house so stayed in my PJs (they’re really more loungewear as too warm to sleep in) which are excluded. Sunday I’d come down with a cold (which is still making its presence felt) so I stayed in PJ’s then too!

Outfits worn this week:

Items worn this week:

Total:  10 items worn

Most worn: The yellow duffel coat

Other items: Underwear, socks, pj’s, the changing bag (my usual handbag!) and my swimsuit for Tabi’s swimming class.

Project 333!!

Yep, I’m going to attempt this.

I expect that it should be fairly easy as I don’t own much more than this anyway, my main issue will be with changing seasons (it’s snowing right now but in 3 months I won’t even need a jacket) so I’m going to follow on the assumption that I will swap out some things.

Here’s my plan:


I think that the boots, duffel coat and most of the jumpers will be swapped out as I’m intending to do this from 1st March to 1st June. I’m going to track my outfits on stylebook so I can see if there are things which aren’t being worn.

There are 34 items pictured because I’ve included my wedding ring to remind me to get it resized! My hands puffed up while I was pregnant and everything else is back to normal except my fingers! It’s been a year so I’m going to give in and get it altered when I get paid.

Wardrobe Malfunction

I don’t have much wardrobe space in my house. There’s 2.5m of built in hanging space in the master bedroom and thats it, so our stuff has spilled into the second bedroom… and the 4th bedroom… and the only storage cupboard we have downstairs.

I’ve filtered out the obvious wastes of space in my wardrobe and my husband has started talking about doing the same in his so later this year I think we’ll finally have a full on wardrobe clear out.

In the meantime I’ve made a tiny adjustment to my own wardrobe which makes it much neater.

I’ve moved the hanging storage from the left to right so that I can actually get into it. Simple, no?

Since I can now get to it I’ve started folding my jumpers and tops instead of hanging everything and the least accessible corner of the wardrobe holds the least used items (dresses). It still looks a little cluttered so it’s not finished yet. I don’t even own that many clothes!

I own 30 items of clothing, 6 pieces of gym kit, 3 bags, 11 pairs of shoes (including trainers, wellies and hiking boots and a suitcase.

I could basically do project 333 without ditching any clothes, just by sticking ‘seasonal’ stuff in a box for 6 months.

I think I need to take a shot at clearing out the top shelf before I do anything else so thats next on my list!